After a great Research, we have put up an awesome infographics on the Matt Cutts who is the official Google Webmaster Channel. I don’t know while you like him or not, but he is the one who has done a lot for Google in their fighting with the Web Spam Online. Infact we are just in love with the community maintained by Matt Cutts and its entire team in making Google as perfect Spam free Search Engine.

While, if you don’t know about this famous Personality then immediately you should switch to Google and find out more amazing stuffs about him. You can also checkout YouTube for more info about him where he solves and discuss various issues and problems faced by bloggers, website owners and entrepreneurs regarding both Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing efforts.

Although when we had a talk, it seems like Matt Cutts is basically a funny guy with serious and huge bunch of knowledge packed inside itself which he shares with the community for free which is absolutely nothing to anyone. While, if you are one among us who are serious in Marketing Perspective then we encourage you to take a look on his excellent videos where he has almost covered every topic which is found is Business Startup Checklist published by us earlier this week.

However, there has been several topics covered by him on various stuffs including to that of Viral Marketing Concept along with usage of Visuals to Get More conversions. While there has been something new which no one knows yet about is by Gaining Social Media Votes for Marketing purpose. This is a lifetime opportunity with us, do post anything which you want to convey and we will make sure to get it to the them. Also let us know which thing you like about Matt Cutts personality.

A Visual Guide to Head of Google's Web Spam Team - Matt Cutts

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