Cult favorite Arrested Development has returned after a 7-year hiatus. To celebrate the show’s revival, a new infographic entitled Arrests in Development details the crimes of the main characters, the Bluth family. While they may seem like an eccentric but harmless southern California clan, the Bluths’ criminal records make them the white-collar equivalent of the Sopranos.

Arrests in Development features each Bluth’s most frequently committed crimes in Seasons 1-3 and the number of years each lawbreaker would serve if convicted. It’s no surprise that George Sr. was the worst of the bunch, but Michael would actually serve the most time. After all, constantly driving his son around in the airport stair car technically qualifies as child endangerment.

Other committed crimes by the family include embezzlement, breaking and entering, kidnapping, reckless driving, animal cruelty and petty theft. The infographic even sums up all of the crimes, breaking them down into separate categories and graphing their frequency in relation to each episode’s Nielsen ratings. It’s a fun walk down memory lane, reliving the characters’ wild antics. It’s also interesting seeing how the quantity of illegal activity relates back to the show’s success or lack thereof.

Arrested Development has amassed an impressive fan base since the end of its network run in 2006. While the mockumentary-style comedy received sparkling reviews, Arrested Development failed to capture an audience large enough to sustain the show. Once the series was canceled by Fox, the cast and crew waved goodbye and assumed the show was over for good. However, Bluth buffs had fallen in love with the zany family and Arrested Development is still heralded by many as being one of the best TV comedies of all time. Netlix, smelling a good business opportunity, answered fans’ prayers and revived the series. All 15 episodes of a new fourth season are now available on Netflix.

Arrested Development is Back & Bad than Ever