Homeowners often wonder how their windows become dirty or streaky so quickly after cleaning. For exterior windows, streaks, blemishes and stains are the result of many uncontrollable factors such as rain, debris and dirt. A single rainstorm can sometimes undo an hour – or more – worth of scrubbing and polishing, and even the best window cleaning solutions don’t offer long-term results.

We created the below infographic to demonstrate a simple but effective secret for keeping your windows clean for 6 months or longer. The “Blue Rain” window cleaning method uses just three products, some or all of which you might already own: Blue Dawn dish soap, Rain-X Original and Rain-X 2-in-1 The Repellant.

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The combination of these products will save you hundreds a year on cleaning products and services, and this solution takes the same amount of time as any other method. Dawn dish soap leaves your windows sparkling and clean, and is known for it’s powerful but gentle formula that leaves no streaks. Rain-X repels 99% of water, preventing dirt and stains, and was developed to increase visibility for drivers by preventing rain or snow from sitting on a windshield.

First, mix a drop or two of dish soap, depending on how dirty the window is, with water in a spray bottle. Spray and wipe away with newspaper. Next, spray a mist of Rain-X original onto your window, but only once the window is fully dry, and wipe again with a newspaper. A paper towel will also work fine, but a newspaper leaves a streak-free shine. As well, if your window is in need of some extra TLC, a squeegee will work best. Lastly, spray a mist of Rain-X 2-in-1 on the interior of your window.

Watch as rain simply trickles off your windows. Your windows will be streak and stain free for six months or longer. We also tested Rain-X Xtreme Clean, however it was found to have a strong odor and was difficult to buff in. Rain-X original has a slight odour, and Rain X 2-in-1 is odourless.

If your windows are out of reach, it’s best to speak with a professional window cleaner about using the “Blue Rain” method.

If you’re looking for a cleaning method that keeps your windows shiny and clean for longer, check out the below infographic and use the effective “Blue Rain” method to keep your windows clean.

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