Everyone knows the fact that WordPress is the only most popular blogging platform around the world. While it has been no surprise, because of a simple reason that its completely open source, offer wide variety of templates and themes to choose from various front end samples and not just this, also includes plugins.

If you have used them, then you would probably know how easy it is to edit any stuff and have a quick customization on whatever you need to get it done. Not just this, With WordPress , you can also show wide variety of customizable results to your Online users in no time.

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Along with this, there are lot of frequent updates which WordPress provides in terms of Version upgrades, etc. providing its users with the top class service. Nowadays bloggers also use WordPress for writing Paid Reviews to earn online money.

And this is one of the best reason why we have listed it out in how internet can make you millionaire in quick time, but off course, with dedication. While there are few things to note before you start out anything and this includes the selection between WordPress.com or WordPress.Org, which one to use? To enable you to make a better choice, we have given you an awesome information graphics which will allow you to decide the best possible choice between the two.

Blogging on WordPress.com Or WordPress.Org! Which way you should Go

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