Do you have a passion for photography? Do you think you could start a career in this captivating profession? If you are a creative person and enjoy taking photos, why don’t you consider turning your hobby into a profitable occupation? Having the right training and working experience, the world of photography can give you an enormous amount of freedom and flexibility. You can choose from a variety of specializations depending on what you like the most such as travel, sports, films or digital. And you may meet inspiring people along the way!

If you are thinking about taking the next step in your career as a photographer, this may be a good moment to do it. According to Australia’s Department of Employment, up until 2018, there will be over 600 job openings within this industry in the lucky country. But this trend is not unique to Australia, each year more photographers are needed all over the world. In today’s visual world, images tell stories both online and offline so companies need qualified photographers to help them with their visual style and imagery.

To be a good photographer you need to be creative, imaginative and know your camera and complementary technology inside out to be versatile and take the best possible shot on the spot. But, as in all artistic professions, you will also need to have excellent communication skills to interact with your clients and be a good listener to understand what they need exactly. Being patience is another extended characteristic among photographers as it can take hours or even days to take the instant you and your employer were looking for.

Regarding their education, professional photographers approach this profession from different levels. Around 10% of photographers are post-grads, have a graduate diploma or certificate and over 22% of them have an advanced degree. To polish up your photography skills, you can choose from many courses including a certificate in freelance photography, a certificate in digital photography or a certificate in freelance travel writing and photography, among others.

Within this arty profession, there are more types of roles than you probably imagine. Studying photography you can not only be a photographer for a firm or freelancing you can also work as a digital image technician, work in a studio or outdoors photography or become a photo designer for online advertising.

Photography is an old profession that has massively evolved with technology and nowadays offers very attractive possibilities. Having the right set of skills and being passionate about it is key but getting the proper qualification and training is essential to get that dream job. If you think that your career may be in this field, you will love this infographic designed by Australian online leading educator Open Colleges. With this visualisation, you will find out the complete set of skills desired to be an awesome photographer and some courses to boost your photo abilities.

The infographic also presents some interesting facts and statistics you probably didn’t know about photographers in Australia and some very useful tips to start your career as a photo professional.

Are you aiming for a career as a Photographer?