Cart abandonment is a nightmare most marketers live in. According to a data, cart abandonment rates are all set to touch an alarming rate at 81% in 2016. Nonetheless, for a marketer it is extremely painful to see a product awfully close to a conversion but doesn’t convert.

Cart abandonment emails are the boosters you need to coax your customers to come back to those abandoned carts. There are various reasons a cart is abandoned and the top 4 reasons are:

  • Extra costs or very high (shipping, tax, fees) – 61%
  • The site wanted the customer to create an account – 35%
  • Extremely long/complicated checkout process – 27%
  • The customer couldn’t see/calculate total order cost up-front – 24%

It’s noted that almost 44.1% cart abandonment emails are opened. Out of which 11.6% of all cart abandonment emails are clicked and just 29.9% of clicks lead to sale back on the site.

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With most cart abandonment emails trying to woo the customers to finish the purchase. There are some key points that every marketer must note.

The Timing Mantra

The send time of your cart abandonment email is what matters. Make sure to send your emails ASAP. The buffer period of a customer abandoning their cart and your first email must be 1 hour. Make sure to send a well-crafted and attractive cart recovery email.

Subject Line Magic

Your subject line can create magic. Make sure to have a very attractive and creative subject line that enhances your open and click-through rates. Having content like “Grab It NOW”, “We Miss You”, “Before Its Gone”, etc. can really generate a curiosity and enhance open and click rates.

Include Reminders & Suggestions

Have an image of the product(s) left behind in the cart. This way it’s extremely attractive as it aids as a reminder to the customer of the product(s) waiting in the cart. This might generate a sense of interest in the customer to go back and grab the product, thus resulting in sales. Suggesting product(s) that match or go with the abandoned cart product(s) can also help the customer to re-engage with the site.

Personalize Your Email

Make sure to make your email grab the attention. Having a personalized subject line or email format can really generate a sense of belonging within the customer and enhance the prospects of a conversion. Recent data reveals that 15% of retailers incorporate personalization within cart abandonment emails, and 60% of those emails resulted in a sale within 24 hours of the email being sent.

Offers to Prosper

Having attractive offers and discounts as bait for the customer can really benefit the marketer in the long run. Make sure to have offers that are realistic and meet up with the expectation of the customers. Offer “Free Shipping” as this is a great way to capture lost customers.

CTAs Matter

Having a bold outstanding CTA can boost conversions and increase open and click-through rates. Make your CTA a part of the email copy to merge it and not be too pushy.

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Wrap up

Cart abandonment emails are all about bringing those abandoners back. These emails serve as a gentle reminder for the customer to get back on to the site and start shopping and complete the process. Cart abandonment emails can really help boost and increase ROI and Sales.

Cart Abandonment - The Secret Weapon for eCommerce Business