London Olympics 2012 is been one of the major fantastic event occurring in this year. While one of the most important thing to look out here is that whether hosting Olympics is good for a City or not? Believe it or not, but the Olympic hosting city is also winning more medals from all the games.

While, interestingly one of the best thing which you might not know is that the City which host the Olympics always wins more medals. Just like the previous Olympics which was hosted in Beijing came out with excellent results for China where it got the most number of medals. Similarly, the Olympics which was hosted in Sydney came out with flying colors for Australia where they were on top of medals list.

However, one of the best thing which Olympics has done this year is by allowing people to watch out all the games on their favorite Smartphone where we have published Olympics Event Apps to watch for all games. Also you can watch out all the games on your favorite Social Media Websites like Facebook and Twitter where they have integrated support with the Olympics team.

Along with this, there is also a sad news for all of our fans that this Year 50 Event Will not be Hosted in Olympics games, which is really big thing for all the sporting fans. So let us know whats your plan for this year Olympics games. Also let us know which is your favorite country which you bid to win more medals in this year Olympics.

List of Advantages the Olympics Hosting City is Getting

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