Google Panda is the new form of penalizing websites from the Search Engines in their latest Search Engine Update Algorithm. While the update is designed in such a way that the low quality website are to be shifted to the lower end and high quality website are to be made to the top. So What would it mean to normal users searching for stuffs in Google? To Most of Normal users, you may find that the Recent published post will be viewed more instead of the quality post published years ago.

To find out these, we have listed out the following infographic on Google Panda and how you can safeguard your website from various Google attack. Google has done this so that they can serve more quality Search Results in their Search Engine. While this was going good in the starting, but lately now Google has placed the stole content or abused copyrights content above the original content, for which many webmasters have already reported to it.

However, Google itself has provided various ways to claim your site from low quality site to a high quality site. The Search Engine has to be designed in such a way that the people who work hard in terms of quality should gets more higher position. While there are checklist for business which can be done to turn out low quality pages into high quality one.

As everyone knows, better quality pages will always turn out to be better sales and conversions as well. Not just this, you also need to hire a Good writers and a good SEO Consultant who can actually bring life to your website back and make it more friendly to the viewers instead of viewing advertisements. So following are the do and don’t of Google Panda, Do take a look and let us know if your site is one of the rest site which got stuck up with the Panda attack.

Case Study: How to Save Website from Google Panda Attack