Video Games are changing the life in all forms as we live in this world. However, most people think that playing games is not just good at all, since it will affect our body in all possible and negative ways. While, interestingly you might not know, but games can actually improves your health to a greater extent. A great research has also shown that it can eliminate or eradicate most of the disease in our body with the help of games.

One of the most interesting thing here for instance is Video games will help you improve you with gait velocity, stride disease and balance in patients suffering with Parkinson’s disease. Also you might have seen this already that kids while playing eats whatever we give, so there are more possibilities of giving them healthy food to eat when they are playing games in their free time.

While, the traditional teenagers and modern teenagers have changed a lot these days. We have made an interesting comparison from 1982 with that of 2012 on teenagers concept. You can also watch out for Football which is always considered as an awesome and favorite game for all students and teenagers.

However, one of the most interesting game which we would like to share with you is Angry Birds which has got millions of downloads till date and still ever increasing almost everyday since its the best ever played game till date by us. We Enjoy playing it on our iPhone and iPad. You Should also try playing games on most of your time and the results would be definitely a great one.

Case Study: How Video Games Can improve Sustain you with Better Health