Google Search Engine is designed in such a way that every website which is been ranked higher has an authority and there is a reason behind it. While years ago Google has been making some excellent changes in their Search Result Algorithm to make search more easier and quality wise. Below is a list of Breakdown of the most important factors that decides how far your website is going to be placed in the Search Position.

  • Keyword usage
  • Link building
  • Internal website linking
  • Clean URL‘s
  • Meta data
  • Clean web pages that load quickly
  • Publishing frequency

However, these are just some of the common factors making your website to reach to the top, also there are various On Page and Off Page Optimizations as well which will make your website to look better from an SEO Consultant Point of view.

We have also published a brief guide on how you can also get on to the top along with recovering your site from Google Panda attack. Also if you are doing an Startup Business then you should go online and get yourself a website which would make your Business going like Rocket. So let us know what are your factors to raise your website onto the top of the Google Search Ranking.

Case Study: Top 10 Google Search Engine Ranking Postion factors