People go to college to study hard and build up their future, which one of the biggest question in everyone’s mind is that Is College Still worth of Education when most people are learning many things from their Tuition and also from their self experience. While this could be one of the best turning point of our economy.

While most People end up doing job after their college career, and for this the right kind of Degree is worth to get the most Paid Job out. We have done an extensive research for people who always want to get the most Paid Jobs when they leave this College. While for others who want to become Entrepreneurs like us can also Start their Own Startup companies which will give them maximum exposure of the outside world instead of sitting in just one Domain.

However there are lot of domains in which people can enter and can earn maximum in quick time, below is a quick stats we have shown based on our research

  • Information Technology or Computer Science – $43,450 to $112,210
  • Nursing or Healthcare Management – $44,000 to $92,000
  • Business – $58,000 to $160,000
  • Information Security – $78,000 to $150,000
  • Public Relation – $53,800 to $97,800

Now just this,  but we have also got another survey which showed the Average Salary of following designations. I am sure you will be surprised to see their average salary

  • CEO – $222,290
  • Healthcare Administrator – $67,000
  • Accountant – $68,000
  • Financial Manager – $136,960
  • Computer & Information Systems Manager – $207,840
  • Nurse Educator – $72.000
  • Public Relation Specialist – $43,000
  • Marketing Manager – $152,560

However, these are just some of the best paying Jobs that would pay you well for your efforts and profits you bring in to the company. While you can also create your own company and Earn Million Dollars from your product/service. The Choice is yours Now! Decide it soon to get more advantages. Also let us know what kind of Jobs you are looking forward to get yourself to be placed into companies.

Case Study: Which College Degree will Give More Income in Future