Children in families works to help place orphans and vulnerable children into loving and caring families. We have worked for several years doing this in Cambodia and have found the research on child outcomes to be true. Permanency really matters for children.

Research shows, and we would agree that a child in a mediocre yet permanent home will statistically have better outcomes than a child that moves around to a lot of ideal homes. That is to say, even if a child lives their whole life in a village with a farming family. They will have a better sense of identity, know how they are, and more likely to be a stable contributing adult. A child that moves around to several rich families that care about education and provide for them access to things they wouldn’t have in a village is good.

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However, the child in the transitional situation will not have the opportunity to form long lasting bonds. They wont know who they are and who their family is. They wont know who to turn to when they are young adults and have questions about some of the more difficult things in life. They won’t know who to invite to their wedding and who to turn to when they are pregnant. They will often lack the ability to identify fully with the local culture and are stuck in a place where they have trouble forming lasting bonds in their adult relationships.

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In addition, children that grow up in these types of settings because of some of the things I’ve mentioned already, often struggle as adults later in life. They may be more educated, and have the opportunity to find a better job, but statistically in terms of creating a stable society, children that come from permanent homes are better off. Obviously, the idea is that children would go to a permanent home that also cares about education and offers the opportunities. That would be the best of all worlds. Still the statistics and research are clear.

Our goal at children in families is to help place children in permanent home sand provide the with the stability they need to form their natural identity.

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