Any project cannot be successful without proper planning and strategy. There are many types of software available in market which helps one to enhance their strategy, planning and collaboration and one such software is Comindware Project Management software. This project management software will allow you to collaborate every part of the project, hence allowing you to track every step of progress. This Comindware software is very useful for business teams who deliver high quality products with accurate deadline.

Project Management

Comindware is one of the best Project Management software with variety of features to enhance the planning, strategy and execution of the project –

  • It has automated system which creates Gantt charts based on the information you feed into the software like the scope and priority of the project etc
  • It has a well accessible clean and clear user interface across device
  •  There are virtual rooms for team discussion and engagement under secured and private connection
  • This software also assure 100% security and the data and information can be accessed only by privileged right accessed people
  • Comindware also integrates itself with MS outlook to provide an easy access and friendly environment to work
  • It also features the sharing and distribution of the reports to the team through mails along with effective timesheets tracking
  • Helps one to maximize the resource utilization and increase team productivity

Benefits of Project Planning

Project planning is one of the most vital stage of a project, any project can be either accurately executed because of ideal planning or can be destroyed because of improper understanding. This is because planning gives direction to the project, resource requirements details, accountability, duration and research details. All these can be tracked will in Comindware software for better understanding and execution.

Tracking through Comindware Project software

I would personally suggest Comindware software for its extra-ordinary commendable features. This Comindware software has automated system which will compare, analyze and predict the changes in the complete progression of the project when you make any type of changes in any phase of project planning. Hence your project tracking will be up-to-date whenever required. This project tracking includes storing and sharing of all files, time tracking, up-to-date real time news feed and overall task management. I was also able to import the project from MS project and others.

Comindware Project – Best Project Management Solution

Pricing Details

This Comindware project planning software is available for you through cloud and by-premium. In both the cases the cost prices for the software completely rely on the range of quantity of users. You will be able to get detailed cost information by contacting them. If you fall between the ranges of 1 to 9 users, then the approximate cost will be $29.99. If you fall between 10- 24, then the approximate cost will be $28.49.

Final Thoughts

Obviously, no one would like to shell out money until unless they are thoroughly sure!! I preferred one month free subscription available for 30 days trail, only after my complete satisfaction I engaged into using this software and it has shown remarkable improvement in my project planning, execution and utilization of resources. I highly recommend – Comindware Project Management software for both small and medium scaled companies in any type of field like marketing, financing, IT, creative, service or product based sector.