Many of us might remember the fact in our School that Girls are always good at English and art, while Boys seems to be perfect at Maths and Science. While our teacher who use to tell that these are just useless verdict and nothing else, and soon when we started growing up, we found the verdict to be actually true.

However, its not always right to make it wrong the gender perception which changes every time. While there are so many fact which everyone knows like “girls performing worse in tests”. But if you take a look on the stats then you will find that Women don’t get much opportunities as against men who is already dominating the industry.

If you speak about my case, then my Wife is a Scientist and i am a Pure writer and Blogger. So one can say my Wife has higher authority. Whatever, it might be, she’ll still be smarter than me anyway. Not just me, Women is still smarter than all Men. I know its hard to digest for Men, but something are fact!!

So what’s your final Verdict on whose is more smarter, Men or Women? Share your thoughts with us and we will make another research on it. Also do share this with friends and make it happening all over.

Comparison: Do you think Girls Are Smarter Than Boys?

Source: Engineering Degree