Mobile applications are the new trend in the world and have changed the way people function and perform their tasks. There are thousands of applications in the multiple App stores at present. The craze of mobile apps is so much that people are willing to pay to use these apps for purposes ranging from booking tickets to searching for restaurants.

Some of the popular app stores are Apple App store, Amazon appstore, Blackberry App world, Nokia Store, Google Play, Microsoft Windows Phone store and Samsung Apps. The Apple App store is existent since 2008 and has close to 850000 apps at present, making it the largest app store in the world. Canalys is the second largest app store with about 800000 apps in total.

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Even the Microsoft Windows Phone store is one of the larger stores for Mobile apps followed by Blackberry App world. In terms of market share and its approach to monetization, Apple App store is ranked as the best app store in the world followed by Google and Microsoft at the second and third positions.

There are many different categories of apps and some of the popular types include Gaming apps, Widgets, Entertainment related apps, social networking apps, lifestyle related apps, music related apps, photography applications, productivity apps and tool applications.

Apple App store has about 17% game apps while Google Play has 15% gaming apps, making it the largest category of apps in an app store. Blackberry app world has 15% book related apps and 9% gaming apps whereas Microsoft Windows Phone store has about 19% entertainment related apps and 15% tools and productivity applications.

The Facebook Messenger, with 700 Million users is the most popular messaging app used by people across the world whereas some other top messaging apps are WeChat with 300 Million users, What’sApp, Viber, Line, Kakao Talk, BBM, iMessage, ChatOn and Skype.

Comparison: Top Most Popular Apps & App Stores


Comparison: Top Most Popular Apps & App Stores