We have now reached the fourth generation of the DJI Phantom, released in March of this year, which gave us the perfect excuse to test it out and see what made it so different to it’s predecessors and boy can we honestly say we had some fun doing it.

Four obvious new killer features have been incorporated making the Phantom 4 an easier, safer and more fun flying machine than ever before with a much longer battery life. So let’s have a look at what these new features do:

Obstacle Avoidance

Obviously this is designed to protect your machine in case of any pilot errors. It works with 4 individual sensors that are mounted to the front of the drone to detect any object that might be in its way or flight path. Once sensors detect an object, it will automatically slow down until coming to a complete stop and hover in site, perfect for beginners worried about damaging their quadcopter or other people’s properties on their first flights.

Of course not all technology is perfect, we found that we could still make it crash as the sensors are only front mounted, who knows maybe the fifth generation will come with sensors right around the machine.

Tap To Fly

This awesome feature allows users to attach the controller to their devices (such as an iPad). The DJI’s camera will feed images to your device whereby you can control it by simply tapping on the screen. Two advantages of this are:

During aerial shots, your DJI will be feeding live images of where it is flying. You can concentrate on the camera while capturing lovely shots, while the drone does all the flying.

Complete Beginners can learn how to fly in complete safety, allowing for a better learning curve of how to fly.

Visual Tracking

Ever seen those awesome extreme sports shots of a skier being filmed from behind while he takes on everything the slope hits him with? Well with Visual Tracking, this is possible. The DJI 4 can be activated to automatically follow the movements of someone in front, be it skiing, running, cycling etc. Now you have the ability to let technology film / follow you are around capturing those extreme shots.

We did find though, that this feature was somewhat limited with faster moving objects, but it did well with slower ones….it is only a matter of time before this technology will be improved.

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Battery Life

Well there is not much to say here except that the battery life of the Phantom 4 has been improved by 25%. It makes a huge difference being able to get an extra 25% of flying time. This was achieve by means of improved motor efficiency and giving users an extra 28 minutes over its predecessor and competition.


We feel that the DJI Phantom 4 is one of the best drones in the market for its price range, and this particularly holds true when considering all the new killer features it has to offer. Of course we found some flaws in the technology, but we feel it is only a matter of time before these advance making the DJI 4 the smart quadcopter in its class.

DJI Phantom 4 - What Makes It The Intelligent Quadcopter?