A major Shift in Internet is coming on Monday, July 9th, 2012 which will change the internet Malware forever. Yes this is going to be real with the fact that more than 3,00,00 computers across the world are filled up with potential virus and malware which are going to lose the ultimate access to Internet Forever from July 9th.

While the most interesting part is that according to a data released by Internet Identity (IID), its now clear that about 12% of the Fortune 500 companies are filled up with major Trojan in their organization. However, if you are still not clear with what the DNSChanger Malware is all about then you should read the following.

Complete Story on DNS Changer Malware

The Story is not a complex as it started back in the year 2007 when lot of people started the practice of getting into someone’s else Internet Settings along with guessing of passwords to get access to various accounts on Internet and also able to Login into various accounts with Unauthorized ways. Finally it was time to take some steps in order to slow down the hacking process and there came DNSChanger Malware into existence with the help of a company called Rove Digital.

Since then they slowly collected some of the samples of DNS and then tried testing on to it and slowly the process began and by the time they got so much good data to prove that Internet is becoming a place for Malware now. Soon FBI poked into the matter and with the help of U.S. officials, all data and process was gradually shifted on to FBI forever and now finally it is decided that on July 9th, they are going to completely remove all Malware from every single system accessing the Internet by any means.

Also according to the following data , you might be surprised with the number.

  • 45,619 IP Addresses infected in USA
  • 21,831 IP Addresses infected in Italy
  • 19,642 IP addresses infected in India

However, if you haven’t yet fixed up your system for Potential malware, then probably its the right time to fix before you lose your IP tomorrow and then call up your ISP provider to switch things back on track. The main thing over here is that the ISP might charge you additional pay for changing or giving you a new IP Addresses.

Now that you have got to know how this could affect your computer viral, so probably its time to clean up all stuffs before you end up in losing out to your favorite websites GoogleFacebook or even YouTube. So what steps you would you take to clean out Malware from your computer? Do Share with us and share this post so that all of your friends can also know about this Malware Infection.

DNSChanger Malware Infection Coming on July 9th, Are you Prepared?

Source: internetidentity