Who doesn’t want a domain that can take his business to extreme high level? Who doesn’t want to invest in online business where the returns are expected to be more than 200% of what you get offline. Ofcourse everyone does, i believe, and its the fact that most people are getting success over the online industry.

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As i still remember when someone told me, “Domain names are good investment for the brand”. So true it is. Getting a domain name is as much important of building business. Everyone knows the fact that every business has to grow online at some point of time in future, so why not plan up ahead now and get your own brand domain registered.

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Below are the following four interesting lessons which we have learned over the years now

  • Lesson One – All Domain Extension are not Equal
  • Lesson Two – Premium Domain Names
  • Lesson three – Location Based domain matters a lot
  • Lesson Four – Domains are investment for Future brand

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We have been getting lot of comments on promotion as well. Now let me tell you something, promoting a domain is all the same everywhere. But what matters is the domain extension, For example, if you have a domain with .us extension, which says its of United States, then the people of United States would be more interested to look at it. However, most business choose to go live with their usual .com extension since its considered to be one of the most popular domain extension. You could also read 101 marketing guide from google, which are not just useful but are also effective in giving you the best possible outcome for your business.

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Domains Names - 4 best Lessons for Future Business Growth

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