Black Friday and Cyber Monday is gone and if sales weren’t really high on those occasions, there is something serious wrong with your store or the way you are setting up your campaigns. You really need to fix that up as there is Christmas, Boxing day, New Year is about to come and people are ready to buy stuff that you selling on your website.

Obviously not all stores will see a big positive jump in sales but if you optimize few things before the big events there are no way you will not see big dollars in sales.

Here are few of them:

Amazing Discounts: When people enter the website or physical store on these occasions they are expecting an ultra-ordinary discounts so the idea is to take a close look at your competitors and see what kind of discounts they are offering and design your discounts accordingly.

Customer Service: This is the time of the year when website as well as physical stores are filled with customers and potential customers and due to this rush providing quality service is usually difficult. If you cover this difficult part, add more man power to the customer service and provide quality customer service your sales ratio will be sky rocket naturally.

Customer might forget what you said but he will never forget how you make them feel.

The best part about this infographic is that, we simply break the myth that holiday season for eCommerce industry is all about just big discounts. Yes, this is important but saying that this is the only thing that matters will not be true.

If you are an eCommerce website thinking about winning competitors in this holiday season, this infographic is for you. Make a plan, align your social media, email marketing, Live Chat support team, UI and UX and optimize in such a way that this holiday season do real wonders for you.

It’s impossible to focus on one thing and expect a big improvement in conversions especially when it comes to eCommerce. The idea is to set everything that includes your email marketing campaigns, SEO, PPC, Live Chat service, discounts and more to bring the big positive impact on sales throughout the holiday season.

eCommerce Businesses: Improving Sales throughout Holiday Season