The use of emails is increasing all across the globe and with this the concern of the people regarding its security is also increasing. Various interesting statistics regarding the use of emails and its security is presented in the below part of the article.

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It has been seen that half of the working day of 57% of the people is spend on emails while 39% of the people receive as well as send mails outside their work.  In order to show their commitment, 25% of the people send their mails at late night.

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A study reveals that 90% of the sent mails are spam whereas 69%of the mail recipients report their mails as spam on the basis of its subject line. It is believed by 49% of the people that their space for file storage and other uses is reduced due to emails.

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New Email address is created by 17% of the Americans in every 6 months while 30% of the subscribers change their mail address annually. Mobile devices is used by around 35% of the business professionals in order to check their mails and 43% of the mobile users check their mail for 4 or more times in a day.

If you consider an email to be an envelope of 1mm and arrange them all vertically then they will be 294,000 Km high.  It has been seen that 43% of the recipients of the mails click on the button of Spam on the basis of the name or mail id on email “from”.

APAC stands on the top position with 47% in the list of biggest email usage across the world and it is followed by Europe with 23%. Next in the line is North America and rest of the World with 14% and 16% respectively. As per the statistics of October 2012, Sex/Dating stands at the top position in the list of global spam categories with 62.73%. Other categories are pharma, weight loss, casino, watches, jobs, mobile and software.

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