Moving overseas is becoming more and more popular, and with TV programmes like ‘A Place In the Sun’ and ‘Wanted Down Under’, it seems that the trend of moving abroad is set to continue. But when looking at where to relocate to, Brits need to consider whether they are better off with a life overseas, and what employment opportunities may be available to them – along with the likeliness of them finding work, which can depend on their skills and also the unemployment rate of a country.

This infographic shows Brits what life overseas can offer them in terms of working hours and cost of living – comparing the cost of a Big Mac and a pint of beer in the UK to the most popular countries for immigration. The information graphic also shows how many people move abroad and where – with Australia the number one place that Brits head off, with 1,300,000 people leaving the UK for a life down under.

Spain is in second place with 761,000 British expats, while France only has 200,00 Brits – a surprise when you consider that for many expats the ability to come home and the feeling of being so far away is one of the biggest causes of homesickness.

With immigration drives from Canada, Australia and New Zealand, countries are looking for skilled workers to employ in many sector areas – and allowing an easier VISA application process for those who have a specific skill that would be useful to the country.

Along with the ease of not having to learn a new language, this is attracting a huge number of Brits. So whether you fancy a life in California or Calcutta, living abroad can be full of opportunities – from work life to personal life – definitely something to consider!

Escape from Country - Where Brits are Going & Why