Facebook has been one of the most influential Social Networking website in the world. When Google+ Plus was launched on June 28, 2011, everyone was sure of the fact that something big is coming on the Internet way that would change the revolution and the way we use internet. Also many believed that it could be the one who could actually give a tough competition to Facebook empire.

While as the Social Networking site Google+ moving towards its 1st Birthday along with 170 million-plus already Registered Users, it is for sure that Google now has a Great way to move on ahead with this huge number. However, the question still arises that Google+ has become a place of Ghost Town, but as far as future is concerned, these two social networking sites are going to be in great demand in the near future.

While when it comes to speaking to friends, relatives and staying connected to families, Facebook still rocks well and is considered to be one of the best place to hang out online. Moreover, Facebook also have lot of features which includes likes, pages and lots more which gives users a total experience which they might not fund anywhere else. But in case of Google+, its indirectly connected with Search Engine Algorithm. Alternatively, You will find more bloggers and webmasters using Google+ instead of the normal public.

Google+ might have attracted a lot of small business but isn’t still working out good with the big and medium brands. While Facebook has already satisfied lots of brands of all categories and of all nature. So what if Google+ is not used today as much as Facebook is used, but still we recommend you to use Google+ which will surely act as a great marketing tool in future.

So Which one you are going to use as of now, is it Google+ or Facebook? Do Share your views about which one works best in perfect marketing strategies with us in the commenting section.

Facebook vs Google+: where you need to Put more Attention and Focus

Source: pardot