Unbelievable as it sound, social media has emerged in the recent years to become a very dominant method for recruiting talent. As opposed to advertising job opportunities locally, in the local job advertising agencies, local papers or bills on sidewalks and light posts, which we used to in the past, now recruitment has taken a radical new form. Everything is digital and it can be done with a few presses on a keyboard. And the best boon of it all – it does not cost a dime to set up an ad.

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Welcome to the 21st century, where people speak and meet digitally. Recruitment takes advantage of the latest phenomenon, and that is the interconnect of people through social media platforms. Now small companies can go toe to toe with larger companies with bigger pockets in acquiring talent they need to progress.

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Need a software engineer to develop a prototype of your product? No problem! Now you are not limited to scouting for talent locally. Just fire up your Twitter account and broadcast this opportunity to millions of Twitter accounts worldwide who might happen to want that job you are offering. Do not forget to include a relevant hashtag #hiredeveloper and your social media recruitment endeavor is all ready to go.

Here are some Facts about Social Media for Recruitment (courtesy of Staff.com infographic, see infographic for more information):

  • 92% of the companies worldwide now use social media for recruiting talent
  • 45% of the Fortune 500 companies utilize social media for various purposes, including recruitment
  • LinkedIn is widely used by major companies worldwide for recruiting top class talents
  • 66% of the companies worldwide are already represented in Facebook
  • 54% of the companies worldwide are already represented in Twitter
  • Facebook has become a primary source for reference material whenever managers check potential candidates profile

Finding Perfect Person by Social Media for Recruitment

Source: www.staff.com