Is This the Future of Modern Technology? Yes, it is. Nearly 7 years ago, the plan was unveiled of giving away $100 laptop computer to all children of the developing countries. The Project was proposed to be named as

One Laptop Per Child

which was defined to produce some of the best and low cost laptop for all the developing nations of the world. This would ensure that the world in right on the target of its progress. With the Growing rise in cost of Education, probably we think this is one of the best ways to reach out to millions of people.

As more and more people goes to colleges to get a Better Career Degree For Perfect Job Income which is also one of the main reason why we think, this could be an innovative approach towards reaching out to many. And Interestingly, you might also like to know How Americans Pay for College, which defines their innovative way of spending and earning on their own.

According to our source, India has already started off this initiative wherein laptops are given to all the college people for this wide variety of use. This comes with ebook already installed in it which is related to education purpose. The laptop is quite fine and its just awesome in using it.

Future Success Lookup - One Laptop Per Child, 7 years later