Airport parking can be expensive, especially if you are going to need long term parking options. Even parking at the economy lots can add up to a significant amount of money. But you don’t have to settle for the airport’s on-site parking lots which are usually the most expensive choice.

Just by doing a small amount of advance research, you can save money by searching out and comparing airport parking deals to suit your travel needs. There are several options you should consider, and how they add up in savings will often depend on the length of your trip.

One of the most basic ways to save money on airport parking at JFK is to simply search out some other off-site parking lots that are not on the airport grounds. These lots are often very close however, and they usually will provide a shuttle free of charge to take you from the lot directly over to the terminals. Using these off-site lots can usually save you a considerable amount per day and it will only take you a few extra minutes to get back and forth from your car to the airport.

Another option that many people look at is whether or not a hotel near the airport offers free parking. This would be ideal if you have a very early flight out or you simply would like to take an extra day or two to explore the city before you leave on your trip.

Often, the hotels that offer this service will allow you to park your car from 7-14 days for free. This varies so be sure to check out the comparison tool I show to give you all the details for your hotel choices.

If you don’t want to go off-site at all for airport parking, then be sure to get a map of the on-site lots and choose the economy parking lots. Knowing where you are going before you arrive to the airport will save you some stress on the day of your departure.

Even more options to save include checking online for coupons to use or exploring a new peer-to-peer car sharing service. While not available at every airport yet, these types of car sharing companies are expanding rapidly. Use these helpful tips to help you get started saving on JFK Airport parking for both short term and long term needs.

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