It’s time to get over on the biggest celebration event worldwide, yes you guessed it right, its Halloween. It approaching fast every year with lots of entertainment to get on, which would also mean to the fact that its time to shop some exciting things with respect to candy, costumes, decorations and other party supplies.

You can enjoy Top Halloween Costumes 2012 for this year to get on for some cool costumes. While before you start your shopping for this year Halloween, take a look at how people worldwide do shopping for the spectacular event. Also to help you with what to purchase and what not, we have also given a separate section for this as well. We have also given you some Halloween Costumes you shouldn’t wear this season as they might look old fashioned and out of fashion.

The Halloween Celebration Cost

If you are buying bunch of things including candy, costumes, accessories, decorations and parties for Halloween, it might add up to your expense. Here are some of the facts which you might want to consider

  • Halloween Candy sales make up to $1.9 billion revenue for eight week.
  • In 2011, Halloween costumes were sold to over for $12 billion revenue in all categories with 62% in just adult category.
  • An estimate of over 86% of Americans decorate their home on Halloween, which is never cheap at all.
  • Halloween is now considered to be the 3rd biggest party celebration of the year.

Even More this Year

The cost of purchasing various Halloween product is always high compared to previous years. The following comparison include increase of price in 2010 compared to 2009:

Of course, just like every other product we purchase, the cost of Halloween supplies is increasing. The following is the average cost and the percent increase of price in 2008 compared to 2007:

  • Costume hair coloring: $6.42 (125.5% increase)
  • False eyelashes and accessories: $5.91 (9.5% increase)
  • False nails and nail decorations: $6.59 (3.2% increase)
  • Candy: $5.59 (2.9% increase)

While these cost might not be a tension for people who are very less in number, but if the family is big then it could add up lot to the Credit card bill.

Halloween Money Saving Tips

Before you start thinking to cancel your Halloween plan, consider some of the best money saving tips from us.

  • Always take advantage of cash back credit card facility which could save your money to a larger extent when you are safely shopping online, by earning incentives for every penny you spend.
  • Utilize your cash back converted points to buyout items which is pretty much important to buy. You could even get an addon discount too on purchasing candy or Halloween costumes.
  • You can also checkout various Craigslist and thrift stores, where most people just use their Halloween costume once and then sell it off or donate them, because of the fact that they have just used to few hours, where it can now be benefited to someone who is in need of it.
  • Continuously look out for various Coupon code website which provides numerous Halloween stuff at low price with addon discounts, could add another point to your savings.
  • Instead of solely contributing to the Halloween party, ask your friends and families to contribute the same toward celebration. Remember, “Sharing is Caring”

As you have already noticed that these tips are already working with saving most of your money in this year Halloween. Just put these tricks into working mode and you could celebrate the real fun and entertainment of Halloween without fishing your budget!

Halloween Costume Shopping - Cost & Money Saving Tips

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