Dirty water plagues most of the world and while most of us lived in a fairly stable society, we still may have issues with our water that we are drinking. We actually are incredibly fortunate to have such readily access to relatively clean drinking water however some of our options are still poor choices. In America we are drinking more water than ever before and in 2011 we consumed over 90 billion gallons in our nation alone.

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As of late there are a great deal of options we have when it comes to quenching our thirst and even many choices in water. Most people will avoid the tap water despite its stringent standards that are held at the treatment facilities due to the fact that sometimes it can be contaminated post-treatment. Despite the stringent control over the treatment plants, there have been reports of water being contaminated due to poor plumbing and unfortunate contact with carcinogens and dangerous inorganic compounds.

However, many waste their health nutrition by drinking lot of sodas affecting health. Even scientific research has proved why these are not good which indirectly comes from these Dirty Water only.

A large portion of the population will decide to use water bottles instead but as we become more aware of the water bottle process, the smarter many consumers are becoming. Bottled water actually has lower regulations on what can be sold than tap water and also it wastes a great deal of plastic and water in the bottling process. It takes ten gallons to manufacture one single gallon of bottled water which is a staggering statistic in this day of conservation and sustainability.

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The amount of harm the bottled water industry is causing the planet is astounding and coupled with the fact that many bottled water companies do not have cleaner water is causing people to search for a new option. The new choice many people are choosing is a bottleless water cooler which has the price of tap water, and the taste and convenience of bottled water. Whatever your choice be aware of the impact it has on Earth because it’s the only one we have.

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