One of the major problem which almost everyone is facing now is Headache. While you might believe the fact but over 90% of the People are facing this critical problems. While we have collected some stats and done some research on various stuffs for health.

However, there are various types of Headache, let see how many percentage of people are suffering from what kind of headaches

  • 90% People – Occasional Headache
  • 75% People – Several Episodes of Headache
  • 50% People – Severe Headache
  • 25% People – Severe Recurring Headache
  • 12% People – Migraine headache
  • 4% People – Chronic Daily Headache

While these are just various kinds of Percentage of Headache from which people are suffering daily and occasionally. Along with this, we have listed out various other types of Headache which you might also be suffering from it

  • Tension Headache
  • Migraine Headache
  • Sinus Headache
  • Cluster headache
  • Chronic Daily Headache

However, if you are getting headache in normal and regular course of action then you should consult a doctor regarding this as this could lead to a very difficult situations afterwards. If you are also among people who are facing these problems continuously and want to find some simple solutions for eradicating it then we bring you some of the best following tips on Eliminating Headache Problems.

  1. Relaxing & Resting
  2. Ice Pack
  3. Moderate Exercise
  4. Dietary Supplements
  5. Hydration
  6. Pressure Points/Gentle Massage
  7. Take a Hot Shower
  8. Diet, Multiple Small Meals

Follow these small tips from us and we will make sure that your headache fly off and would never ever comes back. But you will have to be patience in this since for some, it could be a long treatment process also. So let us know which form of Headache are you suffering from and what are the preventive measures you are taking to avoid them.

Health Tips: 90% of World Population Suffering from Headache [How to Prevent]

Source: Mount Sinai