The immune system is the body’s last line of defense against infection and disease – and it needs a little help from your lifestyle.

If you’re tired, chances are your immune system fancies a nap as well. If you’re hungover, or your diet is in poor form, chances are your immune system feels just as sluggish as you do.

With Winter on the way, let us help you keep your immune system in check – so you can keep illness and infection out of your way as things get colder.

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Nutritional Therapist Alison Cullen, along with Dr Margaret Ritchie from the University of Edinburgh, have also added their advice to try and help you out over the colder months.

They advise that eating too much sugar, eating fatty foods, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and smoking all damage the effectiveness of your white blood cells and immune system, making you much more likely to fall ill.

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Not getting enough sleep and being generally stressed or unhappy are also common culprits of a weak immune system – especially key, as stress and sadness are leading to a wave of depression (with the World Health Organization estimating that by 2020, Depression will impose the second biggest health burden on the World).
To tackle the problem?

Relax. Simply taking some time out to enjoy yourself and ease the stress can work wonders, while employing ‘mindfulness’ – a process now integrated into cancer patient programmer in Germany – can boost energy levels and help you deal with everyday stresses.

Green tea, Echinacea, and gentle exercise can all have the same effect – healthier lifestyle, healthier immune system, less illness.

So, if you don’t want to be a sniffley, sneezy, coughey mess this Winter, have a think about your poor immune system – and do everything you can do supercharge your white blood cells and help them fight the good fight.

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