“The Hobby of Collecting Coins” infographic is all about coin collecting industry, coin collectors and a coin hobby. We’ve spent some time researching data on coin collectors and demographic characteristics of the latter. We hope that you’ll enjoy it.

Whether your coin collection consists of 10 coins or 100 coins – you are a coin collector at heart! Since your first inquisitive “aha moment” about coins to the hours and hours spent reading, studying and researching various mints, you’ve committed your free time to the hobby of collecting coins. But did you every wonder where the hobby first originated? It turns out that like minded coin enthusiasts first started collecting coin as early as in 1792 (coincidentally the same year the first coin was minted in the United States by the newly minted United States Mint – no pun intended).

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By year 2013 there are estimated to be over ten million Americans engaged in some form of coin collecting. That’s a huge number! It’s almost as if the entire city of New York was engaged in a single pastime. The engagement with coins is defined loosely as attending coin shows, transacting with other collectors and dealers, and research information about coins.

Did you also know that there are going to be over four hundred coin shows in the United States this year. Coin shows are generally great for learning more about other collections and researching your next gem. Our research shows that an average age of a coin collector (and show attendant) is approximately 59 years old. It is also estimated that there are approximately 10 male collectors for every female collector.

Our infographic, “The Hobby of Collecting Coins”, tells a story about coin collectors in the US. Please take a moment to red through the infographic and (hopefully) learn something new! Read up!

Hobby of Collecting Coins

Source:  www.oinsupplyplanet.com