Everyone today likes to share their world on Social Networking Sites and mostly everyone do on Facebook. The Social Network is also becoming very smart these days in predicting how much happy or sad you are in terms of your relationship. It also has some of the best smartening activities like how satisfied your boyfriend or girlfriend is with you, how much valuable is your relationship, or how much you are happy today, and what you like the most about your partner, along with when it would be time for you to breakup, with the most favorite song you most likely to listen when you are happy or sad.

Now the new thought says, “It’s not official until it’s on Facebook”. As if we are going to share something on Social networking then people are most likely to read it and have a touch wood on the new relationship.

While the studies shows that most people do breakups only on Fridays and Saturdays which is more likely to happen with the reason of people’s relationship status updates. Also some research have also shown that the Profile Picture along with the level or interaction or absence of interaction may also decide the harmony between the relationship.

So What would you conclude with your relationship? Do share your thoughts and relationship story with us in the commenting section.

How Facebook Get to Know Your Love Secrets? [Infographic]

Source: WorldWideLearn.com