Google Authorship has been one of the most demanding tool in this modern era for Search Engine Optimization. It is one of the most awesome tool integrated with Google Rich Snippets which provides some of the best results for your website in Searches to look perfectly different from the rest of your competitors so that you can always stay ahead from the rest as shown in Business Startup Checklist.

It includes various others features where it shows author’s image in the Search engine, just like for us the author image is shown, Check out All Infographics Search Engine author’s image with the results (Google Authorship) along with showing ratings as star for a particular post. Not just this, Google has also implemented various features for recipes, events and persons. Also Google is continuously try to improve its Search Engine Results and the way how they appears.

Along with this, you should also try Social Media votes which will give you another addon advantages in Search Engine. Along with that we also encourage you to place more and more focus on Creating More Visuals for your website which will give you a Business boost.

It was hard to believe how adding up of author’s image in Search Engine Results can bring you more visitors, but it did work fine when we added up and to our surprise, it has brought lot of returning visitors which we would have never got if we haven’t implemented it. It is because of this reason that we have written a brief post on how it can do wonders in SERP. Do let us know how Google Authorship has brought

How Google Rich Snippets can do Wonders in SEO for Website

Source: Blueglass