Google has been the most powerful company in this world. With its power to store and produce millions of pages within a second makes it more perfect and destructive. However even till today, no one knows actually how does Google works. But today we have brought you an excellent infographic which will allow you to have a clear idea on how actually Google works.

Basically, Google is very Secretive about its Data Centers and this is one of the main reason why nobody in the world know how many data centers currently Google has all over the world and what kind of data are stored along with what kind of transmigration they need.

Also you might wonder, how actually millions of search results comes up within milli seconds upon given a query. Its because of a simple fact that Google has been experimenting and exploring lot in the past with all the users data and has been able to very well utilize everything in a better manner so that ultimately they can serve their users well.

Also with this quick search results, Google is also earning much decent amount every month which is not just sufficient but also an advantage for them to invest more in the future projects. So what would more would you suggest Google to have their upcoming projects as? Do Share your story, if you have any other awesome projects which you might want Google to come up with us in the commenting section.

How Google Works - Secret is broken now [Infographic]

Source: Pay Per Click Blog