Different people have different preferences about their household organization. Some function better in a tidy, structured place and some prefer a little mess. However, when it comes to issues of time and money, most people are united in their desire to have more of both. Smart home organization can often help people in saving time and money, but it requires some resourcefulness and strategic planning.

One example of simple home organization strategy that saves time and money is freezing food. This requires some planning ahead and involves extra time in the kitchen on weekends or whenever we have free time, but what we get in return is really worth it. People who shop in bulk once or a few times a month are able to save more money on groceries, than those who shop without a plan and end up shopping for random things every day. The large amount of food bought monthly would go to waste if we didn’t freeze it, so washing, cutting and packaging groceries is another step of the process.

In order to freeze food properly, it is the best to package it in freezer bags or plastic containers and make sure that no air can get in. Otherwise, the food can deteriorate very quickly and is of no use when defrosted. Another important thing to remember is to label each food packaging before putting it in the freezer. The labels should disclose information about what is in the packaging, possibly the amount of serving sizes and the date of freezing. This last bit of information is especially important.

Freezing food not only helps us be more efficient with our food budget and free time, but it helps us say no to junk food even when we are tired from work and don’t have much time for cooking. The food we prepared over the weekend and froze for each day of the work week can be quickly defrosted and used for a healthy meal. This way long hours at work cannot be an excuse for unhealthy nutrition.

Last but not least, the food we froze still has an expiration date. Even though in theory it can not go bad if properly frozen, it does lose its quality, freshness and nutrients over time. That is why it is important to keep track of how long our food has been frozen and how much time we have to use it before it becomes too late. The following infographic shows frozen food recommended storage times as advised by the FDA and some other food organizations, and it is best used printed out and taped to our freezer, so it’s always right where we need it.

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