Moms always lead the race when it comes to Branding on various Social Networking Sites including Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin according to the recent survey conducted by us. You might wonder, but 58% of moms follow or allow brands to grow on various social media sites. While there are lot of Smart Marketing techniques that might have come up in recent times but Social Media bring Rockstar Growth.

The Recent survey showed that Moms are particularly group of consumers who are most likely to follow up their favorite brands from Social media. Also we found that out of every 3 people, 2 like from various blogs between 18-34-year of age. While 66% of the Blog readers are influenced by the promotion and finally get into the original site which also influences their purchase decisions online. It has also been proved that Social Media can be used as an effective Business Tool for brand Promotion.

However, the most common reason why people give the brand as like or follow is because of a simple reason of  “To show support for it”. While Social Media has really engaged the user to visit a site and gather more information about the product/service without being even visiting the site. You might also be interested in checking out the Complete business A to Z Checklist which we have covered up recently. The Survey was very vital in all formats which was conducted on 1,453 adults aged 18 or older and found out that Women are more active than Men on Social Networking sites which also leads to more brand promotion by Women. About 49% of the Women stated that they spend 67% of their time on Social Media.

For some people including that of Moms, Social Media is their daily activity which they would like to continue all time. The Research also proved a vital thing that this would actually gives a better relationship between the consumers and their online communities. While we have also found out various opportunities which Moms takes up to fulfill their time. So let us know what kind of Social Activity you can do to bring in more sales to your brand.

How Moms can Give 200% Brand Boosters to Business on Social Media

Source: Burstmedia