The Internet is a place to buy and sell anything possible. For years of now, we have heard lot of news about the Music Industry regarding that fact that Online Piracy has increased so much these days. Also many might have even heard of the news that there is a decline in sales and profits in the Music Industry very often due to an increased number of Online Piracy cases.

But what about the artists ? Of course, the artists earns more than anyone today. If you want to find out how much they earn and whats more about their source of earnings, then here’s a quick look on the following infographic on artists earnings.

However, its very hard to predict how much content currently is been copied and also used for piracy purpose. But at the end of day, whatever it might be, but its the artist who is earning more than anyone today. Lets take a look on the following and also celebrate with World Music Day.

So Would you also like to become an artist after seeing their earning and source of income from Online? Do share your ideas and story on how you started off your artist career with us in the commenting section.

How Much do Music Artists Earn Online? [Infographic]

Source: informationisbeautiful