The Internet has become a great place to spend time online along with chatting with friends. Almost all things can be done today at online starting from viewing various contents to video chats, interaction to study various courses and lots of other stuffs.

While you might wonder, but Social media account for just 22% of the total time spent online along with 32% for mailing and all, but the majority of the time is taken for viewing content by almost everyone. However, each person visits 2,646 Web pages till date on the internet .

Among the most popular brands who score more grades in user interactivity includes Google who scores 82. However, the rest of the brands score well which includes MSN/Bing at 62, Facebook at 54, Yahoo at 53, Microsoft at 48, YouTube at 47, Wikipedia at 35, AOL at 27, Ebay at 26 and finally Apple among the lowest interaction at 26.

While among the usage of Social Networking sites, Brazil comes at the top with over 80% of the people using Social Networks all the time. However, rest of the countries score less which includes Italy at 73%, Spain at 75%, Japan at 70%, The United States at 67%, The United Kingdom at 69%, France  at 67%, Australia at 59%, Germany at 51% and Switzerland at 51%.

So how do you spend you time online, either by playing game or by chatting or by doing some useful stuffs? Do Share your story with us in the commenting section on when internet use takes over your life.

How People Spend Time on Internet Online [Infographic]

Source: visualeconomics