As a softball player, a lot of things matter, but none matches the excitement of having a new glove. Well, this feeling might be diluted in no time after you realize how stiff the glove is. The rigid leather makes movement difficult requiring you to break in the glove. The process may take a while; thus if time is not on your side, you might want to try these proven methods that leave the glove grippy, soft and flexible.

Beat it

An effective way of softening your baseball glove is to beat it thoroughly. Use a hammer, especially a ball-pen hammer to pound both the inside and outside of the glove. You can also lay it on dirt and use a baseball bat to hit it.

Oil it

Even though the use of lubricants to soften baseball gloves is quite efficient, some players have argued that it deteriorates the mitt fast and makes the gloves thick as the leather can soak in all the liquid. While this might be partly right, lubricants have proven useful when it comes to softening baseball gloves. If you believe that it is an appropriate method, here are some agents you can use:

  • l Special glove oils
  • l Shaving cream
  • l Vaseline
  • l Saddle soap

The choice is more of personal preference. Whichever option you opt for, do not exaggerate. Just use a little of the lubricant and do not use it too many times.

Heat it

Many players have admitted that this is the best way to soften a glove. However, just like the lubricant method, heat might make the material to deteriorate. In case you choose to heat up your glove in order to soften it, here are some ways to achieve it.

Microwave it

Yes, the microwave has shown great results. When doing this, submerge your glove in water, shake off the excess water then put it in the microwave. Do not leave it in there for more than a minute as the leather might warp scorch or melt. The downside is that your kitchen might remain smelling like a cow that has been stricken by lightning. Remember never to microwave your gloves if they contain metal parts.

Heat it in the oven

It is another effective method that requires great caution. Before placing your gloves inside, begin by preheating the oven to about 300 degrees. Next, rub some oil to condition it. You will then put the glove in the oven, long enough for it to soften, then allow the oil to soak in. Allow it to cool then use it to play a few passes. The method is safer than microwaving, but bear in mind that intense heat might destroy the glove.

Leave the glove in a car

The inside of your vehicle might reach 150 degrees Fahrenheit. While it is a crime to leave your baby in the car, it is a good idea to leave your new basketball glove inside. By the next morning, your glove will be soft and straightforward to use. Some choose to exit the glove in direct sunlight, but it is not advisable as the intensity of the sun rays might make it shrivel up.

How to & How not to breal in your Softball Glove