Facebook is one of the biggest Social Networking Website in this world and with the speed with which Facebook is progressing is really tremendous. But there are some unseens stuffs in the website which can harm a personal user account. There are various things including like Apps which can take away your account from you for your lifetime.

While Hacking in this world has increased tremendously and to be away from it is always a safer way to live and have our security. Its always advised to not to allow unknown friends and their various connection in order to stay away from all sorts of tensions.

If you might not know then let us tell you that now Facebook has become full of Spam all over. While if you are addicted to too many Apps then Facebook might not be a good option for you since its a place to stay connected to various people and the Apps can actually steal away your connection from various people.

So let us know what steps you have taken to implement Security in your Facebook account. I am sure you might also be concerned about the Security and hacking issues on Facebook, so what steps are you willing to implement for better protection.

How to Be always Secured on Facebook - A to Z Security Guide

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