The Internet is a big place for everything from scratch to advanced. The growth at which internet is progressing is really an amazing thing to watch out today as well as even tomorrow. While we praise internet for lots of things, but there are so many stuffs of which the normal public might not be aware of. There are lot of cases registered by people related to card fraud, pyramid schemes, phishing, identity theft.

Not just this, the list goes on and on and this will keep on increasing in the entire internet history. Also you can check out the stats that from 2004 to 2009, almost $500 million complaints has been registered against the Internet frauds.

Today we list out some of the most Internet Scams in the world which are being going on even till today and also we will show you how to safe from these Online frauds so that you can also keep yourself safe and secure. These cases are increasing day by day and keep a check on them is always a precautionary measure we can do now.

So what are the Steps you follow to protect yourself from the Online Scams? Do share your thoughts about an incident which you witnessed in fighting with the online scam with us in the commenting section.

How to be Safe from 17 Online Internet Scams [Infographic]

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