It happens to all of us. One day you’re enjoying a few Pina Colada’s down The Nag’s Head, the next you’re comparing annuity rates. One week you’re looking forward to your next jolly boy’s outing, a week later you’re applying for your pensioner’s bus pass.

Old age, creeps up on all of us – and that includes Derek Trotter, loveable London wheeler dealer from classic BBC sitcom Only Fools and Horses.

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to see some major changes to the pension market in the UK. April 2015 marks the introduction of the new pension freedoms, offering greater flexibility for how retirees access their pension savings. Income drawdown has been opened up to the wider market, leaving annuity sales in decline and alternative income methods such as trivial commutation becoming more publicized.

In the run up to the reforms coming into effect on 6 April 2015, My Retirement Options have taken a look at some the UK’s best loved sitcom characters to see just how they might be coping with retirement. As general living costs have risen with inflation, and pensioners often being required to live on a more stringent budget than when they were in work, can they continue to live the type of lifestyles that we saw on our TV screens?

Over the next 4 weeks we’ll catch up with Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced ‘Bouquet’, of course) from ‘Keeping up Appearances’, Alan Partridge and The Royle Family as we take a look inside their lives in retirement.

Week one however, we venture to Peckham (via New York and Paris) to see how Del Boy from Only Fools and Horses is doing on a pensioner’s income. As his home turf becomes more and more upmarket, how will the South London wide-boy be coping with retired life, especially after getting a taste of the millionaire’s lifestyle before being brought right back down again? We’ve got a feeling that Del wasn’t the type to plan too far ahead financially.

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