Pinterest is one of the best and fastest social network in getting more traffic instantly for all kinds of business including small and big. The main factor which leads to instant traffic is your images which you put up during pinning. The more attractive the images is, the more conversion you can expect in terms of both sales and visits.

After researching on various factors on Pinterest, we have found some of the best statistics for your product so that it can touch all round world. First starting with the fact of time at which you are Posting your Pins on Pinterest may result in one of the most important factor which could drive customers to your website. While the most preferred time is estimated to be as 2PM to 4PM IST, as this is the time when most people are online. While this was for the Day Time posting.

However, if you busy with your work in office and could not Post Pins at Morning time, then you can also switch to posting up of Pins during Night Time which is somewhere around 8PM to 1AM IST, which will also result out in best sales or conversion for your product, and best visitors liking time in terms of Website Pageviews as this is the best Social Marketing Tool.

So at what time you generally post your Pins on Pinterst? Do Share some of your tips on posting Pins with appropriate titles with us in the commenting section.

Pinterest Smart Growth: Best Pinning Times and Tips

Source: Pinerly