Did you know that the number of children in foster care has been on the decline in recent years? Did you know that the percentage of people adopting foster care children has increased since 2007? How about the perceived notion that adoption is expensive. These are some of the many over exaggerated concepts that are associated with adoption within the United States.

Young adults that have been placed in foster care are ideally looking to find someone who will care and look after them. As a result, foster care children that are placed in good, nurturing homes are more likely to succeed in their education, and find suitable jobs. There are many stories that encourage and reassure children in the foster care system that success, no matter what the situation, is always possible.

The opinion of foster care within the United States seems to be quite an interesting subject to explore. Sadly there are still many negative connotations and misconceptions associated with it that need to be broken. Some people regard foster care children to have behavior or self-control issues, when in reality they have been placed within foster care primarily due to harmful home environments or abusive care. These children like many others are just that, children. Children in foster care should be given the opportunity to be in a loving environment and have the same opportunities as any other kid.

Adoption is perceived as an expensive endeavor, or a possible financial burden which is widely over exaggerated. In fact the typical cost of fostering a child is lower than $2,500. Not only that but these generous families have the ability to receive state support and federal tax benefits. These are some are the many reassuring benefits of becoming a foster parent.

With each passing year the foster care political system and environment is getting remarkably better. More people are considering foster care within the United States and hopefully these numbers will continue to grow. According to the University of New England “More than 51% of Americans believe that every child is adoptable.” Although this is a solid number, it should be much higher, and hopefully as time goes on it will continue to grow.

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