Expecting a baby is one of the most special feeling that to be parents can experience. If you are feeling restless to know that you will be blessed with a baby girl or a baby boy then you can go through the following article that will show some of the old wife beliefs in this regards.

If you will be blessed with a boy then the heart rate will be under 140 beats per minute and you will have an out-front bulge. Other signs include large and dark nipples, basketball shaped belly, urine in bright yellow color, looks that are amazing and cravings for sour and salty foods.

If you will be blessed with a baby girl then your heart rate will be above 140 beats per minute and your belly will be in watermelon shape. Other signs include bulged back and hips, blossom breast, urine in dull yellow color and cravings for sweets and orange juice.

Another way of finding out that whether you will be having a girl or a boy is by adding your current age to the month of conception and if the total comes to an even number then it is a boy and if it comes to an odd number then it will be a baby girl.

As per belief there are various prescribed diets as well that will help you to conceive a baby boy or a baby girl. If you wish to have a baby girl then you should take food items rich in magnesium, folic acid, calcium and vitamin C. The restricted food items include orange, watermelon, potatoes and bananas.

For having a baby boy you should consume food items like fruits and bananas, fresh veggies and alkaline rich foods. Restricted food items include dairy products, magnesium and calcium.

How to Know Whether its a Boy or Girl

Source: www.thepregnancyzone.com