Running an online business is one opportunity that most people grab these days. Many opt to work from home because it gives them the chance to spend more time with their family, save dollars on gas or commute and work on flexible hours. For most online business owners, this is the set up. But for some entrepreneurs in this industry, it demands having to travel for six months every year.

To embrace this so-called “nomadic lifestyle” is a choice that entails a lot of sacrifices. Because this is your own business, you have to be ready to ditch the 40-hour work week and give your best effort in working early mornings and late nights.  You have to work harder and manage your time better especially if you have a team or employees to support and train. Also, good communication is very important to keep your people connected and ensure that even you travel a lot, they still do productive work.

You will spend less time with your children and your spouse. Because travelling does not mean you are in vacation, you have to focus on work and not be overwhelmed with distractions. The future success of your business will depend on how you will be able to overcome these challenges and take full responsibility in any obstacles that might come your way.

Challenges are inevitable but you can appreciate managing your online business while you are traveling if you realize that this is definitely better than being confined to the four corners of an office. Not having to look for an office building and invest on equipment, furniture and fixtures is a big reduction in your start up costs. Furthermore, various overhead expenses like rental and utilities associated with traditional businesses are costs that you can save on. In addition to that, when you have a store or an offline business but you have to travel, it will require you to leave your paper works and by the time you come back, work piles up.

Unlike here, all you need is your laptop, your phone, and a reliable Internet connection to keep your business running.  You can stay in a luxurious or an economy hotel and work in your pyjamas while enjoying your hot cup of coffee or you can dine in a restaurant and have lunch or dinner while talking to your clients or making sales calls. You can enjoy the warm rays of the sun by the beach while you check your inventories online.

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Travelling is also one way for you to expand your horizons. Meet new people and know interesting facts about the world. Enjoy the sumptuous dishes of every country and you can observe their traditions and culture thus, you can have additional inputs that you can use by the time you plan to expand your business. This is very exciting because not all online entrepreneurs have this chance and the funds to explore the world while working.

We prepared this infographic for you have more insights about how to run your business while traveling the world.

Running a Business while traveling for six months every year