Are you a budget airline passenger? We’ve got something just for you – an information graphic thanks to which packing your bags will be easier and cheaper than ever. On just one colourful page you can find a quick guide to the baggage fees of as many as 16 popular European low-cost carriers such as Ryanair, Wizz Air or Air Berlin. Now you don’t have to browse many websites because all the fees are right here!

But the infographic offers you way more that just some figures. You’ll learn some surprising things. Did you know that buying an additional air ticket for your friend who will carry your extra bag might be cheaper than paying the baggage fee when you travel with Ryanair? Find out more sweet- bitter facts about baggage fees!

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In addition, you’ll change your mind about excess baggage. We’re all tempted to jam a couple thing we can’t live without into our bags. It turns out buying stuff might be actually a better idea than paying for extra kilograms whether it’s toiletries, extra shoes, a fan or reading matters. Now for special items. Do you travel with your pet? Have a look at the handy cheat sheet at the bottom of the picture and find out if it’s permitted in the first place and if so how much you pay. A dog and cat hotel may be a better solution. Some of you surely need to take your sport equipment with you? We’ve some information for you as well!

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To wrap it up, this is just about the best introduction into clever packing. Once you apply the tips, low-cost travel will be what it is supposed to be – cheap. The information and figures used in the infographic come from the websites of the carriers in question and are valid for one-way flights within Europe. Any price difference, may be due to exchange rate conversion.

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