The London Olympics 2012 is going to be one of the most fantastic event of this world this year. While if you are also excited like us and want to watch out this event then we bring you pretty simple ways to reach out to all the updates via a Perfect Social Media Services called Twitter. Also you can watch out the entire Olympics on your Smartphone with the help of Olympics Smartphone Apps which will help you to watch the entire Olympics from your city itself.

You can also witness the beauty of Olympics and also find out which Country Wins more medals every time and also you can find out how other countries are winning continuously a great every time. Also based on the Research we have also found that over 31% of the people are watching the event with the help of their iPad.

Interestingly, we have also found out that over 50 Events are not hosted on Olympics event which is a great disappointment for all fans who are in love with those sporting events. But still we appraise that there are lot of events more to find more fun and entertainment.

So let us know how you are going to watch this year Olympics event. Also let us know which country would you like to see on top of the Medals tally with More Gold and Silver.

How to Watch London Olympics 2012 Live Event on Twitter