Cell Phones have become the necessity of today among the people of all ages and groups. The present day mobile phones are no longer used as a mere device for communication but are rather used for multiple purpose like surfing internet, capturing images, listening to music, playing games and others. Thus with the addition of new features the use of mobile phone is also increasing with each passing day and it has become an inevitable part of our lives.

As every coin has 2 sides, the same holds true for mobiles phones as one hand it provides easy communication but on the other hand its usage pose various health risks as well. Various studies have revealed that use of mobile phones leads to various health problems.

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As per the statistics of 2010, the total number of subscriptions for the mobile phones across the globe is around 5 billion and out of this 303 million are in US. The excessive use of mobile phones can be estimated from the statistics that revealed that 66% of the people carry their mobile phones while going to lunch and 37% check their phones at least once in every 30 minutes.

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The radio waves from the mobile phones are believed to affect the brain as well as the other tissues if the device is held very closely to the head. IN USA, around 10,000 new cases of Glioma are diagnosed every year and it has been seen that excessive mobile use increases the chances of this tumor by 40%.

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As per the studies the use of mobile phones, cordless phones and microwave can lead to various health problems like memory loss and mental confusion, headache and fatigue, skin rashes, hemoglobin loss from the blood cells, damage to the nervous system, inducing asthma, stress, digestive problems, reduces immunity to viruses and toxins, affect the normal functioning of the sensory organs and join pain.

How Using Cell Phone affects Your Health?

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