Flash was earlier used to the dominance of all technologies, but now it has been replaced by the powerful, HTML5. With more and more developers consistently working on to make HTML5 as their future resources, it is now expected that soon 60% of the websites will run only on HTML 5.

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To View the current stats of HTML 5, we would like to show you the following

  • Currently 48% of developers are already on HTML5, leaving Flash behind.
  • Steve Jobs has already made it clear to complete eliminate Flash technology from its Gadgets.
  • Google’s YouTube has already launched its personalized HTML5 Video players
  • HTML5 is expected to reach to 1 Billion Users in less than a year time.

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With the above stats, anyone could just convince that HTML5 will definitely rock in the future as a part of emerging technology. While if you are also one among web developer, like us, then you can also choose to learn it from scratch and enhance your coding skills altogether.

Below is an awesome information graphics on HTML5. Do check out and also let us know if you are planning to enter into this technology or you are already a part of this futuristic technology.

HTML5 - Reach, Future and What's Next in Development?

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