Whilst most businesses and companies now use a multitude of modern communication systems such as the web, smartphones, and instant messaging to communicate with their customers, a surprisingly high number are still using fax machines on a daily basis. This infographic on global fax usage shows just how widespread the use of fax still use around the World. For example, did you know that there are over 46 million fax machines globally? Or that every year there are just under 17 million faxes being sent – imagine how much paper that is?

The Environmental Impact of Sending Fax

Of course, that highlights a significant issue which is the environmental impact of people still using traditional fax machines. The amount of paper being consumed each year is equivalent to 2 million trees being cut down which is the same size as nearly 5,000 football pitches.

Cost Implications of Fax Machines

In addition to the environmental consequences of sending faxes, there are also cost implications. These include the cost of printer toner and ink, paper, the fax machine and servicing, as well as actual hours spent walking to and from the machine.

Conclusion: Use Internet Fax Services

Overall, the conclusion should be that it’s time for companies that still use fax machines to switch over to Internet-based fax services, and fax by email – services that are supplied by companies such as RingCentral. Internet fax is cost efficient and removes the need for paper and ink consumption.
Credits and More Information

For the full details and numbers check out the infographic on global fax usage including the environmental impact this has on our World. This infographic was researched and marketed by All Infographics – one of the web’s best places to find up to date coupons and discount codes. For more information on how you can use Internet fax please visit their page relating to RingCentral Internet Fax on this link.

How Internet Fax helps to Save Money and Environment?

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